Our Features

These are just some of the features that make our server stand out as one of the best – for the full list, join us in-game!

McMMO and Jobs

For the true Minecraft MMORPG experience, we have both McMMO and Jobs to allow players access to unique abilities, shops, and earn money for common minecraft actions such as Mining, Digging, Building and Crafting. More information on McMMO can be found on their wiki.


Our ranks have been designed around our server and the plugins we offer. Escalating for the ranks will give you unique rewards such as Crate Keys, Claim Blocks and Economy, whilst also giving you access to commands such as /pweather, /time and higher daily rewards.


Our Achievements plugin has been customised to give players a set of over 600 achievements to complete, each with their own rewards. Show off your achievements with custom tags, and compete to be on the top of the Achievements Leaderboard at spawn!

Friendly Staff

All our staff team have been hand-picked to ensure they are helpful, friendly and supportive of all players that connect to our server, and swiftly deal with those that are disruptive. We know how important staff-player relationships are, and we’ve learned from the mistakes other servers have made.

Server Events

We often host events such as Holiday Parties, Treasure Hunts, Double McMMO XP Weekends, Double Jobs XP Weekends to keep our players engaged and reward them for the time they spend on our server. Players also host events they have built themselves such as Monopoly and Cluedo.

Community Focused

Our community is the heart of our server, and we often implement suggestions given by our players. Our Discord is very active, and we often host watch parties and play games other than Minecraft together.


Griefing, Raiding and Looting is strictly prohibited on our server, allowing our players to create and build without worry. For additional peace of mind, you can also claim your builds so they are only accessible by you and those you trust. Click here for a video tutorial.

Custom Recipes

We have a selection of custom crafting recipes that help to improve your vanilla experience. For example, you can craft Cobbled Deepslate from Deepslate, craft Oxidised Copper using Copper and Water, and added a method to Harden Concrete.


Player created towns and shops allow players to build together – turning the wilderness into a bustling community. In Asgard, you can rent a plot of land and start building to your heart’s content. All the fun of living in a base with other players with the added security of land protection.

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